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Jake Spies
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Jake Spies Incredible album that truly showcases the massive amount of potential this band has, and bodes well for any future releases. There isn't a weak song on this album, in fact all are brilliant. Keep watching these guys. Favorite track: Chin Music.
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Heater 03:29
What do you eat? I try not to. How do you subsist? I don't know if I do. Knowledge is power, so I read and metabolize. Digital, analog, assimilate and stabilize.
I spent my winters in the snow and I spent my summers on the shore. I felt the rain go down my face and I don't want the cold no more. Paradise, we're living in paradise. Paradise, beachfront paradise. Salty sweat across my skin, In the sun, we never sin. Let the light tan my hide so I can fade to earth with time. Earwigs don't crawl into your ears Stardust doesn't fit inside your ears None of mine will go into your ears Out of sight. Hear, hear. No complaints.
Chin Music 02:21
I'm not just my body, and I'm more than just my mind. Take your brain out and put it in a jar, and it looks no different from mine. As I writhe, synapses burn bridges. As I write, gray matter digs ridges. Words can only go so far. Roads can't tell you why you are, but they can tell you where. O, they can tell you where.
Limp Fish 02:46
Let me dissolve. Watch me disintegrate. And I will be the dust under your bed and I will hear you calling out his name in cries of joy, but also cries of pain, but to you I know it's crying all the same and I know that's the thing you hate. Yeah, I know that's the thing you hate. And I will lay on hardwood floors where I will never get to lay my feet and I will slip between the pages of those holocaust books that I will never get to read. Let me dissolve. Watch me disintegrate.
Vision Quest 04:28
Your lock is the only thing I have, and I'm just a key under the mat. I wanna feel your legs around my back. I wanna feel your nails under my skin. I wanna feel your hands around my throat, and I want to let you in.
Let the young fuck the old, and a coat for the cold. Let the many love a few, and a stomach full of food.
Mooncult 02:48
When I look at a hole I see myself, but am I the hole or the space inside of it? There are words on the walls, but where do I stop? There are words on the walls, but where does the world start? When I look at a hole I see myself, staring up from the bottom. And I might be a void or I might be a vase, but what difference would it make? I'm not the filler, and I am not the filled. Fish swim in my basin, but the water doesn't flow.
Slaze 04:32
Shower curtains watch you wash the day away. Sheets make the bed in which you always lay. Shower curtains watch you wash the day away. Sheets make the bed in which you always lay. Ex lover, recover. Lips, tounge, and teeth of another, and my ears are ringing with the words of your mother. Birds withouth feathers shouldn't flock together. Red mountaintops, bit to bleed. Breaking ground on fertile soil, minus the seed. Ex lover, recover.
Hesychasm 04:06
Sand drips from your hourglass body. Sand drips from the corners of your mouth. A house in a cave I'm coming of age I'm shedding my skin and I'm counting my days. Refraction of rays Interference of waves Fortress to vase but the colors don't fade.




released August 2, 2013

Thanks to Aviv Marotz for recording, mixing and mastering Exponential SUPERTEEN.

Thanks to Meryl Schultz and spiced crumb for additional vocals.


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SUPERTEEN Salem, Massachusetts

Hard Soul since 2012

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